To make things easier for you and to ensure your questions are answered quickly, we've created this section dedicated to frequently asked questions. Choose a topic, and find all the information you're looking for at a glance.


How much does it cost to ship?
We offer various shipping options. All details and costs can be found at this link.
How Will You Send My Order?
Your piece will come in branded Nove25 packaging and will be shipped within the timeframe specified during checkout. Once your order has been shipped, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail, followed by another e-mail and/or SMS with a tracking code
Can I Choose To Collect My Order In Store?
If you're ordering from Italy, you can choose to collect an order placed online at our Italian stores. When your order is in store, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with information on how to collect. You'll need to bring the confirmation e-mail and an ID document to collect your item(s). You have 6 months to collect your order. After 6 months, your order will be cancelled and the amount paid will be credited to you in the form of a voucher.
What Time Will My Order Be Delivered?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to accurately indicate a delivery time. For more details, try contacting the customer service team of the courier selected for delivery.


What Is Your Returns Policy?
If you're not satisfied for any reason with your Nove25 purchase, or if you bought the wrong size, you can return the item within 14 days of receiving it for a full refund (shipping costs excluded) or request a replacement. Returns can be made by posting the item back to us.
Click here to arrange a return.
Can I Return A Customised Piece?
Customised items, designed using our Mynove25 configurator or made to order, can only be returned in the event of a faulty product.
How Long Will It Take To Receive A Refund?
Refunds will be processed within 14 days receiving the returned product.
Will You Let Me Know When You Receive My Returned Product?
No, but we'll send a confirmation e-mail as soon as we manage your returned product.
The Item Price Changed After I Placed My Order. Can I Get A Refund?
As with all retail outlets, the prices of our items may change due to promotions, market trends, stock levels or consumer demand. As such, we cannot refund the difference.


What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
You can pay for your online purchases using PayPal or any Credit Card. Transactions are subject to the highest security standards, so you can make your purchases with full peace of mind. Nove25 will never obtain your payment details.
Can I Collect An Order Placed Online In Store?
If you're ordering from Italy, you can choose to collect an order placed online at our Italian stores. When your order is in store, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with information on how to collect. You'll need to bring the confirmation e-mail and an ID document to collect your item(s). You have 6 months to collect your order. After 6 months, your order will be cancelled and the amount paid will be credited to you in the form of a voucher.
Is There A Minimum Order?
We do not currently have a minimum order
Can I Choose To Pay On Delivery?
Payment on receipt is not an option, but you can pay using PayPal or any credit card, both of which are fully secure.
Can I Place An Order Without Registering?
Yes, you can check out your Nove25 order as a guest. If you expect to make multiple purchases on Nove25, we recommend creating an account. It will make it quicker for you to request a return, view your order history and save your personal details for future orders.
Why Has My Order Been Cancelled?
There are various reasons why you order may have been cancelled. The most common reason for an order to be cancelled is due to a payment error. For more information, you can e-mail us at
I Forgot The Password For My Account, Can I Choose A New One?
If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking here.
Can I Change My Nove25 Account Information?
Of course! To change your Nove25 account information, click "My account" and change your personal details.
How Will My Order Be Packaged?
Each Nove25 piece comes with a velvet pouch to store it and keep it safe, and comes in an exclusive Nove25 branded package.
What E-Mails Will I Receive Regarding My Order?
Once your order is confirmed, you will receive the following e-mails: - Order confirmation - Shipping confirmation - Order receipt confirmation If your order includes a customised item designed using our Mynove25 configurator, you will receive an additional e-mail updating you on the status of the production process.


How Do I Find Out My Size?
Click here to consult our size guide.


Where's My Nearest Nove25 Store?
The addresses, opening hours and contact details of all Nove25 stores are available at this link
Do You Organise In-Store Events?
Yes, we love to get together and spend time with our customers, and so (when possible) we like to organise a number of events and initiatives across the years. Click here to sign up for our Newsletter and receive our updates.
Can I Return An Order Placed Online In Store?
No, you can return by posting the item back to us.
Are There Nove25 Authorised Sellers?
Definitely. Click here for a list of all Nove25 Authorised Sellers.
I Saw A Piece In Store, But I Can'T Find It On The Website. How Can I Get It?
Not all of the pieces on sale in Nove25 stores are available on our website. If you've seen a piece in store that you can't find on our site, feel free to e-mail us at and we will be happy to help.


I Purchased A Piece With Electroplating And It Has Discoloured, What Can I Do?
Electroplating is a surface treatment that is subject to natural wear. The colour may change slightly and it may lose some of its shine through improper care or contact with external agents (e.g. the pH of the skin, creams, perfumes, detergents etc.). In the event of damage to the finish, we offer our customers the following services: -Free repair within 90 days of purchase -50% off the cost of the repair between 90 and 180 days of purchase. - A new electroplating treatment can be arranged after 180 days of purchase, but the full cost will be charged on you. The guarantee offered on Nove25 Jewellery does not affect your legal rights, but provides additional cover
My Nove25 Piece Is Tarnished/Oxidised, What Can I Do?
Silver is a material with a natural tendency to oxidise. As such, oxidation should not be regarded as a defect, but rather as an intrinsic characteristic of the material. It can occur for a range of reasons: contact with air, water, moisture, the pH of skin, etc. Body lotions, sunscreen, deodorants, perfumes and hair spray are other factors that can accelerate the oxidation of the metal. Nove25 specifically chooses not to electroplate all its products, so that some have a more "lived-in", less shiny appearance. These untreated items may oxidise more quickly. To restore the original appearance of the piece, making it look like it's straight out of our workshops, simply polish it with a polishing cloth, such as our Silver Duster, which can be purchased via this link.
I Received A Damaged Item Or The Wrong Size, What Can I Do?
We're very sorry that this has happened. Please contact us at and our customer care team will do everything to solve the issue as soon as possible
My Nove25 Piece Has Been Lost/Stolen
We're sorry, but the Nove25 guarantee does not cover loss or theft of the jewellery
How Can I Repair My Nove25 Piece?
If an item gets damaged or broken, our Nove25 stores can help you assess the extent of the damage and handle the repair, which will be performed directly at our workshops. Any costs will be assessed and calculated in store. If you're not able to visit one of our stores, you can contact our customer care team for help at . After an initial assessment, you can send the piece directly to our workshops at: Nove25 Srl, Via Raffaello Sanzio 19, 20149 Milan (MI)


What Material Are Nove25 Pieces Made From?
Unless stated otherwise, all our Nove25 pieces are made from 925 Sterling Silver (the purest form of silver available on the market) and are nickel-free.
Can A Nove25 Piece Be Made Bigger Or Smaller?
We offer a resizing service on request, but only for Nove25 pieces. Ask at any of our stores to avail of the service.
Can I Get A Customised Engraving?
Most Nove25 pieces can be customised with an engraving. This service can be requested in-store or by contacting us at Some models can be customised directly from our site using our MyNove25 configurator
Can I Customise A Nove25 Piece With Electroplating?
Certainly, some models can be customised directly from our site using our MyNove25 configurator. If you want to create an electroplated piece that is not available on MYNOVE25, please visit a Nove25 store or e-mail us at
Do You Make Customised Pieces?
Of course! You can create a customised piece online using our MyNove25 configurator. The final cost of the piece and production times depend on the configuration choices you make, and are displayed directly in the MyNove25 section. In addition to this option, we can also make any type of custom piece on request. If you're interested, please e-mail us at with details of the of piece you would like to create. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with details of the cost and production times.
Do Nove25 Pendants Come With A Chain?
Unless stated otherwise, Nove25 pendants are sold without a chain. You can browse all our silver chains by following this link.
Are Earrings Sold Individually Or In Pairs?
Some models of earrings are sold individually, others in pairs. The product name will help you identify how the piece is sold: “INDIVIDUAL EARRING" indicates that the earring is sold individually. "PAIR OF EARRINGS" indicates that the earrings are sold as a pair.
What Is Blackening?
Blackening is a process achieved using a particular solution to create contrast, highlight specific details or accentuate the relief of elements at various levels of the piece.
What Is Electroplating?
Electroplating treatment involves the electrochemical deposition of a thin layer of metal (e.g. yellow or rose gold, rhodium, ruthenium, etc.) on an item to change its surface properties. It is performed by immersing the jewellery in tubs containing metal salts, bases, acids and specific additives

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