Nove25 declares that its jewellery meets the legislative requirements in force concerning titles and hallmarks identifying precious metals and is certified by means of the required stamps (punch marks) (Regulation referred to in Italian Presidential Decree no. 150 of 30 May 2002, amended by Italian Presidential Decree no. 195 of 26 November 2014).
Each piece of Nove25 jewellery is made using the highest quality silver available for jewellery-making: 925/1000 silver, from which the brand takes its name.
Follow the instructions in this guide to take the best possible care of your jewellery and ensure your Nove25 guarantee remains valid.


Galvanic treatments are electrochemical deposits of a thin layer of metal or alloy on the surface of a jewel.

Nanoceramics is a galvanic process in which a thin ceramic paint film is deposited on the surface of the jewel by immersion and electrical charge, resulting in fixation by baking in an oven.

Such treatments (galvanic, nanoceramic, DLC, anodization, protective coating) are subject to natural wear with varying duration depending on the environmental conditions in which they are found, and therefore tend to change and/or discolor over time: poor use, excessive exposure to direct sunlight, contact with external acidic agents (e.g. pH of the skin, creams, perfumes, detergents), use of solvents, products and alcoholic and acid-chlorine-based solutions, rubbing and abrasives further reduce the duration and accelerate the deterioration process, leading to the total loss of the treatment.


Nove25 uses a wide range of semi-precious, precious, synthetic and compound stones and cubic zirconia, all of which are carefully selected. Despite this, semi-precious stones and compounds may feature natural variations in colour, details, veining and stripes. These characteristics should not be regarded as imperfections, but rather as intrinsic qualities of natural stones.
Heat sources, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and/or temperature fluctuations must be avoided.
Jewellery with stones should only be cleaned using room-temperature water and a neutral detergent, and dried using a soft, smooth cloth, without scrubbing.
Avoid abrasive substances or materials, hard brushes or similar, as these could damage the mountings and scratch and/or dull the surface of the stone.


Pearls should not come into contact with perfume, foundation or hair spray. Alcohol and other solvents damage their surface.
Jewellery featuring pearls should be stored separately to other pieces. Ideally, they should be placed in a cloth pouch or wrapped in a soft cloth. This will protect the pearls against scratching.
Jewellery featuring semi-precious, synthetic or compound stones or imitation pearls should not be immersed in silver cleaning baths.


Nove25 uses finely crafted enamel.
Enamel details are water-resistant, but may be damaged by corrosive substances, temperature fluctuations and direct exposure to sunlight, leading to changes in colour and shine.
Enamel is a fragile material that may be damaged by knocks or scratches.


Real leather is a natural product that is subject to distortion and wear over time.
The pieces used to make our jewellery may feature small variations in the colour and thickness of the leather, which should be regarded as specific characteristics of the material.
Natural leather requires special care to preserve its original colour, finish and softness. It is therefore advisable to remove leather jewellery before getting into water or using creams, oils and perfumes.
Coloured leather may discolour in prolonged direct sunlight.
Leather should not be immersed in water or other liquids, as this may cause damage or discolouration.
For pieces featuring leather, rubber, or fabric bands of any kind, only the silver-plated parts should be cleaned, using a specific silver polishing cloth. Do not immerse leather or fabric bands in silver cleaning baths and do not use ultrasonic cleaners.



Silver is a material with a natural tendency to oxidise. As such, oxidation should not be regarded as a defect, but rather as an intrinsic characteristic of the material.
It can occur for a range of reasons: contact with air, water, moisture, the pH of skin, etc.
Body lotions, sun creams, deodorants, perfumes and hair spray are other factors that can accelerate the oxidation of the metal.
Nove25 specifically chooses not to electroplate all its products, so that some have a more "lived-in", less shiny appearance. Nove25 pieces that have not been electroplated may oxidise. To restore them to their original appearance, simply polish with a polishing cloth.


Nove25 jewellery is made using the highest quality silver on the market and is nickel-free.
Nickel is a natural element contained in most metal alloys. The term "nickel-free" can legally be used if the traces of this element are within the legally allowable limits set out in the UNI EN 1811/2011 standard.
Nove25 tests its jewellery to ensure that it complies with the nickel content limit established and regarded as safe. Laboratory tests have shown that the quantities in its jewellery fall well below the level allowed under strict European regulations. As such, the alloys used by Nove25 are technically classified as "nickel-free".
Nevertheless, it may be the case that an alloy naturally contains traces of nickel. These quantities are small enough to only cause reactions in people with hypersensitivity to the substance.
Blackening, a treatment used to darken silver and give it a more "lived-in" appearance, may cause allergies in predisposed individuals.
Such individuals should visit our stores to request an additional cleaning treatment.


Nove25 will replace any item, free-of-charge, in the case of flaws, defects and/or damage to the piece identified and directly attributable to the production cycle up to 2 years from the date of original purchase.
This guarantee is forfeited in the event of changes and/or repairs by third parties or unauthorised workshops.
Wear due to use, improper use and oxidation are not covered by the guarantee.
The guarantee does not cover replacement of articles that are lost or stolen.
The guarantee offered on Nove25 Jewellery does not affect your legal rights, but provides additional cover.


To avail of the guarantee, you must always keep the sales document, which serves as proof of the original purchase: Fiscal receipt for purchases made in store.
Purchase order summary or PDF, which can be downloaded from the Order History section of the site, for online purchases


Each customised item created by Nove25 is only produced after first obtaining the customer's approval of the order proposal, which is always accompanied by a preview of the item to be created and a cost quote.
This means that the item is "tailor made" and, as such, due to its customisation, cannot be returned or replaced with another product except in the case of flaws, defects and/or damage identified and directly attributable to the production cycle up to 2 years from the date of original purchase. In these circumstances, Nove25 will arrange to replace the product with another that has been customised in the same way.
Guarantees provided for by law remain valid.

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