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Nove25 srl

Nove25 srl ("N25") is an Italian company which is registered at the Chamber of Commerce Industry Craftsmanship of Milan, VAT number. 04217070962. It has its registered office in 20149 Milano (MI), 19/21 via Raffaello Sanzio.

We operate in full transparency and above all in the respect of consumer rights provided by law in particular in accordance with Decree. N. 206/2005 ("Consumer Code") and Legislative Decree n. 70/2003 ("Electronic Commerce Code") and successive amendments.

General information

The GCS are applicable to any purchase made through website.

We advise you to carefully read through the GCS before ordering any product on the website.

We remind you that GCS, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use regulate the contractual relationship both with reference to the Website and to the products which are sold through the website itself.

For any questions about your online purchases please contact us at:, before continuing browsing or however later for any clarification.


The GCS use below listed terms and definitions which are defined in other clauses of the GCS.We advise you to read them carefully in order to be informed about your purchase:

“"N25": the term means Nove25 S.r.l .;

“"Website": the term refers to website;

“"User or Customer": the term refers to both the subject who browses the website and buys therein products and the subject that browses the website regardless of any online purchase;

“"GCS": the term refers to the general conditions of sale of the Website;

“"Cookie": see Cookie Policy;

“"Privacy Policy": see Privacy Policy

“"Consumer Code": the term refers to Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, as amended;

“"Consumer" means a natural person acting for purposes outside his trade, business, craft or profession.

Privacy and Cookies

Before buying on the website and continuing browsing, please read our privacy policy.

Pre-contractual information

We inform you that during navigation and before any online purchase you have available specific website pages containing for each product detailed information on:

used materials;


total and final price of the displayed product and not personalized yet (therefore the "standard" product), including the shipping cost according to the geographical area of destination;

terms of annulment rights.

Acceptance of the GCS

Before buying online products you need to accept the GCS by selecting the specific checkbox "I accept N25 general conditions of sale, the CU and the Privacy Policy" before you add any product to your cart.

Subjects who can buy online

Adults only can be purchase on the Website.

N25 Registration and Account

In order to use our services you can register on website and create your own personal account. We remind you that in order to register you must have a valid email address.

The data required for registration are:


Last name


date of birth

By providing required information you will be able to your account and password for access. Please preserve with the utmost diligence.

If you prefer, you can register using your "facebook" or "instagram" account. In this case we will have access to your profile data. Before creating a N25 account with your social profile, please check the filters of your profile, in order to send only strictly necessary data for the creation of your account.

By logging into your N25 account you can select the registration process for our newsletter that will keep you informed on all the news of N25.

Contract of sale

The contract of sale of goods is concluded as follows:

You do not need to register on the Website to order products. We remind you that if you have registered you can see at any time all your previous purchases and you will not have to authenticate upon every order / purchase.

In case of registration on the Website you will need to tick the box "I have read the information contained in my N25 account and I confirm they are correct”; this option will be displayed only at the time of initial registration and in case of change of personal information. By ticking the checkbox you expressly authorize us to treat both your personal information and the information in your N25 account.

After selecting a product, you will need to select “Add to cart”;;in order to purchase;

After sending the order you will receive an order confirmation email with a summary of the following information:

technical description of the product;


method of payment;

terms of annulment;

delivery costs and any taxes and / or fees and / or other applicable charges.

The above email is automatically sent to the email address which appears in your N25 account, that is the one you used for authentication.

You can change your N25 account and your purchase order by selecting the appropriate option.

If you do not have an N25 account and you realize you have ordered the wrong product contact:, we will contact you to assist you in your purchase and replace the ordered product with a different one.

Check of GCS

Despite we periodically check the GCS, there may be errors: In this case we will immediately contact you by highlighting the error and we will ask you to confirm the order. Without your confirmation, the order will not be considered valid and it will be cancelled.

Prices and payment methods

Please note that the prices listed on the website include VAT as required by law and they will be adjusted according to the current Italian law.

Prices are subject to change at anytime, changes will not be applied to orders which have been already confirmed by N25.

Any additional fees and / or taxes and / or any additional applicable charges will be highlighted on the page which describes the product.

Payments can be made exclusively by means of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Master and PayPal.

In case for whatever reason we are unable to accept an order and / or a payment, we inform that at our complete discretion we can decide not to proceed with the charge and return the paid amount with reference to the order within 5 working days from the purchase according to legal conditions.

The purchased products will be shipped only after confirmation of the successful completion of payment.

Before making the payment of your order you'll see a banner containing following information:

Technical description of the product;

Total price of the product;

Costs and delivery times;

Terms of cancellation: 30 days after receiving the product;

If you have configured your product, we inform you that the obtained image and related customization may not be conform to the product you will receive. Despite they depict the product you have selected and purchased, they are a mere three-dimensional image digitally obtained.

Authentication and authorization for payment by credit card

If payment is made by credit card, the holders could have to authenticate and receive a request for authorization.

Refusal to pay by credit card

In case the issuer of the credit card or the provider of payment services (i.e.: "PayPal") refuses payment for any reason and they don’t authorize the payment transaction, N25 cannot be considered liable in the any way for any delay and / or non-delivery of ordered products. In this case before sending the products N25 reserves as of now the right to verify the reasons that prevent the execution of payment and assess each time how to proceed.

Shipping costs and delivery time

We recommend you to carefully read the information below which describe the time and costs for delivery of the products in detail:

costs and delivery times vary depending on the country of destination;

For non EEC countries the customs clearance costs will be charged to the customer;

We reserve the right to change costs and delivery time at any time, the changes will have no effect on already accepted orders.

Rest of the world

If you intend to deliver products in a country not on the list, write to:, we will contact you to agree on special conditions.

Non-delivery of products

Since deliveries depend on third parties which are not part of our corporate structure, we pledge to respect the delivery times indicated above, but we are not able to guarantee them. Delivery times are to be understood merely indicative and not binding on N25. In case the delivery of products does not occur for whatever reason within thirty (30) days (calendar) from the purchase, you can withdraw from the contract of purchase and you will be refunded exclusively of any already paid amounts.

Damaged products

By accepting these GCS you also accept the obligation to carefully check the products upon receipt in order to check for any damage.

If the product has been damaged before delivery, you can return it within 14 days from its receipt and you will receive a new product whose carriage will be paid by N25, on condition that the product has not been worn and / or used and / or damaged in any way. N25 reserves at its absolute discretion to assess the conditions of the product. If you have concerns about the terms of return of a damaged product, before making an online purchase from the website, please email the following address: By way of example, in the case of hand-glazed products the return of the product will not be considered valid for the loss of enamel by wear or careless use, such as wearing an enamelled ring and having immersed in sea water.

Force majeure or exceptional events

Except for law terms, we inform you that N25 will not be liable for failing to respect the obligations which it has assumed with the GCS when failing does not depend on his will. By way of example only, natural disasters, measures of authorities, wars, floods, explosion or insurrection, interruption of IT services or telecommunications, non-performance of third parties, strikes.

Customizations and not returnable products

Please carefully read through this section of the GCS if you're interested in buying one or more custom products.

You can customize your product thanks to a particular feature of the Website, called "Customizer".

A personalized product is characterized by the presence of particulars concerning the user, by way of example only, inscriptions, dates, anniversaries, symbols. For this reason and due to its personalization, a personalized product cannot be returned to N25 and therefore your right of withdrawal will be excluded.

Creating a personalized product takes an average of thirty working days, but the actual time will vary depending on the model and customization. The deadline will be shown in the order confirmation.

So we remind you that with reference to "custom-made or clearly personalized" products the right of withdrawal is excluded in accordance with Article. 59 letter. c) of the Consumer Code.

Cancellation and refunds

If you are a consumer as defined by art. 3.1.a) Consumer Code ( "natural person acting for purposes unrelated to his/her entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or profession") and except as specified for custom-made products, we inform you that you can exercise your right to cancel the contract and be refund of any already paid amounts.

In that event you have an obligation to send a written notice by registered letter with return receipt to Nove25 Srl registered office at 20149 Milano (MI) 3, Via Carlo Ravizza within 14 days from the day following the date on which the products have been delivered. The costs for returning products - to address above- will be at your own expense and risk, in particular, please: (i) adequately insure the products you intend to return; (Ii) take all necessary measures for the care of products. All refunds will be made within thirty (30) days from receipt of returned products and after verification of their integrity.


The contractual relationship as well as all communications will be managed only in Italian. Our staff is able to manage orders and generally sales of products also in English, but in case of doubt communications in Italian will prevail.

Applicable law

The contractual relationship is governed, interpreted and executed in accordance with the Italian laws.

Competent court

The judge of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if in the national territory is responsible for the definition of any disputes with consumers which can arise out of or connected with the present GSC and / or the Terms of Use and / or the Privacy Policy. In any other case, including the fact that the Customer is not a consumer under applicable law, the Court of Milan will have the authority to determine any dispute.


Any tolerance of behaviours carried in violation of the provisions contained in these GCS does not constitute waiver by N25 to the rights deriving from the breached provisions or the right to demand the exact fulfilment of all the terms and conditions.


Although not expressly provided, please refer to the Italian legislation.


Any communication addressed to N25 will need to be done by email or in writing by registered mail with return receipt, according to these GCS, to the following addresses:


written: Nove25 srl, registered office at 20149 Milano (MI), 19/21, via Raffaello Sanzio.

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