Inbilico W/ Nove25 | La Capsule collection di gioielli in argento sterling 925 con Diamanti Lab Grown
Inbilico W/ Nove25 | La Capsule collection di gioielli in argento sterling 925 con Diamanti Lab Grown

The Lab-Grown Diamond jewellery capsule collection

This capsule collection relies on a harmonious fusion of silver and lab-grown diamonds to create provocative, eco-friendly and radiant pieces of jewellery with flowing forms.

The snake encircles its prey and traps it in an elegant loop, forming a sensual and beautifully shiny earring.

Hanging from its tail, like a sinuous and deadly pendant, the snake waits for the right moment to strike its prey, the object of its deepest desires.

With swift, undulating movements, the snake climbs towards its target, creating a piece of jewellery with a strong sense of verticality, reaching up to a higher and nobler purpose.

The lab grown diamonds

INBILICO's lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds, from which, however, must be subtracted the environmental impact and added the human and ethical value that makes their production the real key to a sustainable future. The creation process, similar to circular growing systems, starts with diamond chips selected on the basis of their purity and from which, with the help of high temperatures, authentic diamonds are born, evaluated and certified with the same parameters as mined diamonds.

production process

Their creation process is modeled on the same principle as circular agriculture, in which everything is regenerated and nothing is wasted. Diamonds are born from small seeds: diamond splinters selected for their extreme purity. The seeds, subjected to high temperatures, remain in incubation for about four weeks, consuming only a glass of water per carat and the equivalent of three days of electricity for domestic use. The diamonds are then ready to be cut and polished just like mined diamonds.



Yes, they have the same physical and chemical composition of the mined diamonds, to the point of being evaluated and certified with the same parameters as diamonds from mines. INBILICO diamonds are subjected to the 4C examination (cut, color, carat, clarity) and have the international IGIA or GIA certifications.

What is the difference between cultured diamonds and mined diamonds?

Cultivated diamonds do not impoverish the territory, do not compromise biodiversity, do not violate human rights, do not trigger corruption mechanisms, do not finance arms trafficking, do not force workers to conditions of danger and economic exploitation, do not make use of child labor.

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