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Scopri i Ciondoli Carte Tarocchi di Nove25 realizzati in argento sterling 925
Scopri i Ciondoli Carte Tarocchi di Nove25 realizzati in argento sterling 925


Enter your birthday date and discover your birth arcana and shadow arcana, ancient symbols that reflect your unique personality traits and the course of your destiny.

Each piece of jewelry in our Tarot collection is created to reflect the energy and meaning of the different arcana. Once revealed, discover the jewels that most describe your nature and set the course for your bright future.



0 - The Arcana is the FOOL

The Fool is the daring pioneer of the soul, with his gaze turned toward the infinite horizon and his heart open to every possibility. He is always ready to leave behind the known and embrace the unknown with enthusiasm and confidence. Through his courage to defy convention and follow his instincts, the Fool invites us to explore the boundaries of our existence and discover the beauty and wonder that lie around every corner of life's path.

1 - The Arcana is the MAGICIAN

A free spirit who shuffles the cards of life with a mischievous smile, creating his own magic and chasing wild dreams. The Magician is an artist, always ready to improvise and find creative solutions to any challenge that comes his way. With his infectious energy and open mind, he enchants all who cross his path, inspiring them to embrace their true essence and follow their heart.

2 - The Arcana is the HIGH PRIESTESS

The High Priestess is like a living library, with incredible inner depth and a sharp mind that can navigate the mysteries of life. She is the keeper of the secrets of the universe, always ready to offer wisdom and guidance to those who seek truth. Her eloquent silence explores the recesses of the soul and brings out the beauty hidden in the meanders of existence.

3 - The Arcana is the EMPRESS

The Empress is the queen of her kingdom, an adventurer of the soul who explores inner worlds and embraces her limitless creativity. She is like a fertility goddess, ready to let the flowers of her imagination blossom and nurture the fruits of her intuition to give birth to a world of beauty and harmony.

4 - The Arcana is the EMPEROR

The Emperor is the leader of his tribe, with a clear vision and the courage to chart his own path, unafraid to challenge convention. He stands up for his values and to lead others with firmness and determination. With his charismatic leadership and inner strength, he realizes his full potential and conquers the world with courage and confidence.

5 - The Arcana is the HIEROPHANT

The Hierophant is the guardian of its truths, with an open mind and the ability to find wisdom in every corner of the world, without judgment. Like a wandering philosopher, he shares his knowledge and offers it to those in need. 

6 - The Arcana is the LOVERS

The Lovers are the timeless romantics with open hearts and the hope of finding true and authentic love. As poets, they are ready to sacrifice everything for the beauty and purity of love. Their overwhelming passion drives them to follow their hearts without fear or reservation.

7 - The Arcana is the CHARIOT

The Chariot is the warrior of life, determined to overcome every obstacle and reach for the stars, unafraid to run toward his destiny. He rides the wave of life with courage and pursues his dreams, thanks to his inner strength and iron will.

8 - The Arcana is JUSTICE

Justice is the balancer of the soul, with an innate sense of rigor and the ability to see beyond appearances in search of the deepest truth. As unbiased as an impartial judge, it balances good and evil with fairness and integrity.

9 - The Arcana is the HERMIT

The Hermit is the vision seeker, who uses the lantern of awareness to illuminate the path to inner sanity and peace of soul. A wandering sage, always ready to explore the mysteries of the universe and share his discoveries with others, inviting them to find truth within themselves as well as without.

10 - The Arcana is WHEEL OF FORTUNE

Wheel Of Fortune dances through the cycles of life with a smile on her face and the knowledge that every change brings new opportunities. She spins the wheel, dancing to the rhythm of life and embracing the uncertainty of the future with optimism and confidence in the process of existence.

11 - The Arcana is STRENGHT

Strenght stands up for what he believes in and overcomes any challenge that life puts before him. Like an indomitable lion, he fights for truth and justice with courage and determination. With his indomitable spirit, he finds the inner strength to face any obstacle and follows his heart steadfastly.

12 - The Arcana is the HANGED MAN

The Hanged Man is the contemplative of the abyss, with his eyes turned upward and his heart open to the lessons that only suspension can teach. He is a modern ascetic, letting go of the flow of life and finding inner peace in the act of relinquishing control. With his serenity and acceptance of life as it is, he focuses on the present moment and finds joy in the simplicity of the everyday.

13 - The Arcana is DEATH

Death embraces change with the confidence and knowledge that every ending is also a new beginning. It is like a flower rising from a skull, embodying the hope of rebirth from its own ashes and yearning for a second chance. It embraces the unknown, lets go of what is past and welcomes the present.

14 - The Arcana is TEMPERANCE

Temperance plays with the alchemy of desires and carefully blends life's opposites to create harmonious balance and lasting inner peace. Like a tightrope walker, it balances its emotions and finds harmony in the duality of life. He seeks common ground between heaven and earth, as well as the right balance between work and pleasure, action and reflection.

15 - The Arcana is the DEVIL

The Devil is a provocateur and embraces the shadow and light within himself with a mocking smile and the knowledge that only by accepting both can he find true freedom. He laughs in the face of the fire of adversity, dances with his fears and turns his shadows into light. With her rebellious spirit and ability to embrace the dark side of life, she explores the recesses of her soul and finds the inner strength to overcome any obstacle.

16 - The Arcana is the TOWER

The Tower plays with destiny and welcomes destruction as a means for transformation and renewal. It frees from the shackles of the past and lets go of what no longer serves. Through its demolition, it opens up new possibilities and reveals the strongest foundation on which to build a bright and authentic future.

17 - The Arcana is the STAR

It is the arcane of the dreamers of the cosmos, with their heads in the clouds and their feet firmly planted on the earth, ready to follow their inner light to infinity. The Stars are always ready to illuminate the darkness of the night with their brilliant light and to follow one's dreams, one's deepest desires.

18 - The Arcana is the MOON

The Moon paints in the colors of the soul with her sensitivity and ability to see beyond appearances. She enchants all who meet her, inspiring them to explore the mysteries of the night and find the beauty hidden in the folds of darkness. Under her silvery light, the deepest secrets of the soul are brought out for those who dare to explore their inner world.

19 - The Arcana is the SUN

The Sun is the burning heart of the world, radiating joy and vitality with every smile and embrace, ready to light up even the darkest day. It guides travelers through the storms of life and offers warmth and comfort to those in need.

20 - The Arcana is JUDGEMENT

Judgement is like a heavenly melody that echoes in the hearts of those who hear it. She calls from sleep those who sleep and, along with them, awakens even the deepest dreams. His clarity and firmness of character urge one to go along with change as naturally as possible.

21 - The Arcana is the WORLD

The World is the cosmic traveler who dances between the boundaries of the universe and embraces every culture and tradition, celebrating the richness of life in all its forms. His bright smile and open heart invite everyone to join in the dance of life and share the love and joy that make every moment an unforgettable experience.


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