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A lover of excess and always over the top, Rosa Chemical is an Italian rapper and singer-songwriter. Drawing heavily from his origins as a Gucci model and Graffiti Artist, the artist turns to hip hop and debuts in 2019 with his first album Okay Okay!!, which will be followed by collaborations with TaxiB and FSK. In 2020, after the hit TikTok, Rosa releases his second album, Forever, and the repack Forever and ever, within which the feat with Mambolosco in the track Britney and the one with Gue and Ernia stand out. The general public knows him with his participation in the 2022 Sanremo Festival, during which he duets a rearrangement of the song A far l'amore comincia tu by Carrà with his friend and colleague Tananai. His real consecration, however, comes in 2023, when the singer participates as a contestant in the 73rd edition of the Festival, with the song Made in Italy. Here comes out all his brave and incorrect poetics, devoid of any kind of modesty, telling taboos with lightness and fun. This year Rosa Chemical will participate as a guest and again sing the song that has become a catchphrase.


NTS, a reference brand for the production of custom In Ear Monitors, collaborates with NOVE25 to create custom products, combining the precision of technique with the style of jewelry. Each time, the intent is to gather the ideas of singers and vocalists, interpret their inspirations, and give them a custom instrument with which to best tackle live performances on stage and that is also a symbol of their uniqueness and talent. For Rosa Chemical, NOVE25 made a pair of In Ear inspired by the tattoo on her neck. Two bat wings carved in 925 sterling silver perfectly represent the spirit of the singer, by temperament and look close to a nocturnal animal that takes flight and breaks the quiet and boredom of decorum.

NTS Custom X Rosa Chemical | Nove25
NTS Custom X Rosa Chemical | Nove25


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