La Collana Perdonami Salmo è un pezzo unico realizzato con diamanti prodotto per il rapper. Compare al collo del cantante nell'iconico videoclip del singolo "Perdonami".

NOVE25 turns rapper SALMO's rhymes into jewelry with a strong, over-the-top character

Maurizio Pisciottu, aka Salmo, is a Sardinian rapper born in 1984 whose songs always reach the top of the Italian charts. His sound stems from metal and hardcore, then synthesized into bases and bars with an innovative and never banal flow. Winner of countless gold and platinum records, with his music Salmo succeeds every time in intercepting contemporaneity and giving it his unique and biting vision, never sparing himself.

His style, like his music, is constantly evolving. And that is why NOVE25 is inspired by his historic skull mask, a symbol of the alter ego with which the singer manages to express his inner world, without filters or compromises.

As well as his dark-toned yet ironic poetics, the jewelry reflects the artist's gloomy and playful spirit, touching sacred and profane to merge them into a carefully crafted ring and two necklaces, also protagonists of the video clip of the single PERDONAMI, filmed at the NOVE25 headquarters in Milan.

"Scrivo più chiaro possibile, se non capisci riassumo”



Nove25 Co-Labs
143.00 CHF
Salmo Skull Ring  Salmo for Nove25 new collaboration with the platinum artist Salmo.  Sterling Silver  Polished burnished finish 

The ring with Salmo's emblematic skull mask is an invitation to bring out our true personality, the most outspoken and sincere hidden part, against all forms of hypocrisy.

L'anello Teschio Salmo, il simbolo del rapper, è realizzato in argento 925. Il prodotto è 100% Made In Italy e viene proposto con una finitura argento brunito lucido.

“Perdona il peccato, ricorda il mio nome”

La Collana Perdonami Salmo è realizzata in Argento 925 con uno speciale bagno galvanico a due colori: nero e oro.


The Salmo Necklace features a Christ with a golden skull-shaped insert. The necklace became the cover of the triple platinum single "Perdonami" (2017).

La Collana Perdonami Salmo è realizzata in Argento 925 con uno speciale bagno galvanico a due colori: nero e oro.



Our goldsmith workshops wanted to pay homage to Salmo with a special necklace, which traces the model of the Christ with a skull, but rest more precious and flamboyant.
The jewel appears around the singer's neck in the iconic video clip of the single "Perdonami".

A unique piece designed by designers Nove25 and handmade exclusively for Salmo.

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