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Published on 02/15/2016

The Augusta Taurinorum or Roman Taurasia does not derive its name from the bull' s one but from the tau Celtic root which means mountain.

In 1563 the Court of Savoy was in the homonymous French region and moved the centre of its military and political action to Italy so Turin became the capital of their kingdom. With the change of capital (from Chambery) Savoy became Italian.

Turin is the fourth Italian municipality by population and the third economic-production complex of the country.

Like Savoy Nove25 decided to be present in the old capital, it opened a corner on a central street among history, art, culture and shopping so to satisfy the many requests from our customers.

It is located between Pietro Micca Street and Garibaldi Street, a short walk from Solferino Square, Duomo and XX Settembre Street that it s said Via Venti by native of Turin . That name reminds the historic day which commemorates the capture of Rome. The famous Breccia of Porta Pia happened in fact on September 20, 1870. XX Settembre street is central and it represents one of the main roads of the Mole Antonelliana s city. Here at number 62 you can find the Nove25 jewels!

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