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OCTOPUS x Nove25

Published on 02/15/2016

OCTOPUS Brand is a reference for modern streetwear scene thanks to the sprawling tentacular design that distinguishes each piece.

Today for the first time OCTOPUS Brand collaborates with another Milanese entity. They are brought together by the same passion for made in Italy production and the fast success from mid 2000s. The impeccable and cutting edge Nove25 s production has made it a so successful brand in the field of jewelry.

The union of the two brands has led to the creation of Octopus Jewelry. It is a capsule collection consisting of a ring and a pendant with chain having both a tentacular shape made of 925 silver and produced in Milan in Nove25 studio.

Octopus Jewelry is exclusively available at IUTER Store in Milan and IUTER Online Store. The limited edition of 20 pieces per model makes Octopus Jewelry a treat for the fanatics of the brand.

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