Nove25 declares that its jewels are in compliance with the current legislation concerning the regulations of identification titles and marks of precious metals and certified by the stamp-punching provided for (D.P.R. 30 maggio 2002 n. 150, modificato dal D.P.R. 26 novembre 2014 n. 195 Regulation).

Each Nove25 jewel is made with the best silver quality existing in jewelry: 925/1,000 silver, from which the Brand took the name of Nove25.

Follow the information and directions provided in this guideline to well preserve your jewelry and to maintain valid your Nove25 jewelry warranty.


The galvanic bath is a surface treatment subject to a natural usury as well as color changes with loss brightness consequence if in contact with external acid agents (e.g. skin pH, creams, perfumes, detergents) and overall due to a poor care in use. In addition, as it is a thin layer that covers the jewels’ surface, we invite you to pay much attention and care as possible in using the jewel to avoid coating damages or scratches that could let the underlying silver resurface”.


Nove25 uses a wide assortment of semi-precious stones, precious stones, synthetic stones, composed stones and Cubic Zirconia, which are carefully selected. Despite that, semi-precious and composed stones can show natural color variations, inclusions, veins and streaks. These kind of characteristics should not be considered as imperfections, but as special natural stones’ intrinsic qualities.
Heat Source, prolonged sun rays exposure and/or temperature changes should be absolutly avoided to preserve your jewels.

To have the best cleaning of these kind of jewels with precious stones, we advise you to use only room temperature water, neutral detergents and smooth and soft cloths for drying without rubbing your jewels.
In addition, is recommended to avoid the use of brasive substances or supports, as well as hard brushes or other tools, which could deform jewels’ assembly supports, scratch and/ or opacify the precious stone’s surface.


Pearls must not come in contact with perfumes, foundation cream or hair spray. In addition, even alcohol and other solvents damage pearls’ surface.

Jewels with pearls should be kept separately from the others. Ideal would be to replace and wrap up these particular jewels in a cloth bag or in a soft cloth. By using this way the pearls will not scratch.

All the jewels made with semi-precious stones, synthetic, compound and imitation pearls are not suitable for silver cleaning throught the famous immersion bath.


Nove25 uses handcrafted enamel and each jewels characterized by enamel details are absolutly water resistant at all, but still could be damaged by corrosive substances, temperature changes and prolonged sunlight exposure that will change jewels’ color and brilliance.

In particular, the enamel remains a delicate and sensitive material to any kind of bumps and scratches.


Authentic leather is a natural product subject to deformation and longtime usury.

Among the components used for our jewelry realization may appear small color variations and leather’s thickness that are to be considered as specific material’s characteristics. In particular, natural leather requires a very special care in order to preserve its original colour, finish and softness. It is therefore recommended to remove the jewels with natural leather before any shower and bath, avoiding creams, oils and perfumes uses at all.Colored Leather if exposed directly to the sunlight could lose color.

For this reason we advise you not to immerse leather in water or in other liquids that may cause damage or discoloration.

In the presence of jewels with leather details, rubber or any kind of fabric, must be cleaned only its silver parts by using our special Nove25 Silver Duster. In addition, as above already mentioned, we recommend that you do not submerge leather or fabric cords in bath immersion or Silver machinese for the silver cleaning



Silver is a precious material that tends by its nature to oxidize. The Silver Oxidation is therefore not to be considered as a defect, but actually a particular characteristic of the material itself.
The reasons why can be many: for example the simply contact with air, water, humidity, skin pH, etc.
Body lotions, sun creams, deodorants, perfumes and hairspray are other factors that can accelerate the silver oxidation process.

Nove25 specifically chooses not to subjet all its jewels to a galvanic bath and treatment just to give some of them a more "lived effect" and of course a “less shiny effect” look. This is the reason why, Nove25 jewels not treated with galvanic bath can oxidize. To have them back to the original status and best look ever, is just enought to use our Nove25 Silver Duster to polish and clean your jewels.


The Nove25 jewels are above all nickel free and made with the best silver quality present on the market.

Nickel is a natural element, always present in the majority of alloys metal. The use of the wording like "nickel free" is legally correct only if the nickel traces are in line with limits decided and declared by law as per UNI EN 1811/2011.

Nove25 tests its jewels to verify that they comply with the fixed nickel legal limit to be considered even safe at all. Nove25 Laboratory tried and shown that these quantities are well below the level allowed by the strict European Regulations. Therefore, the alloys used by Nove25 are technically classified as "nickel free". However, it may happen that inside the alloy there are naturally nickel traces of nickel. Such nickel quantities are so reduced that they cause reactions only in people suffering of hypersensitivity to the material.
In addition, even the Silver Burnishing could create allergy in predisposed people. To be clear, Silver Burnishing is a treatment used to darken silver giving it a more "lived" effect and in this case we advise you to go to our Nove25 Store for a greater silver jewel cleaning.



We advise you to polish your jewels frequently, by using a soft polishing cloth (Nove25 Silver Duster) to prevent its oxidation and preserve as much as possible silver brightness.
Kindly be reminded that the polishing cloth does not remove scratches, for this reason it is really important that your jewels are always protected.

You can buy our Silver Duster simply by your trusted Nove25 Store, or if you prefer on our Official Online Store: our special SILVER DUSTER is perfect for keeping jewels brightness for longtime. In particular, to have a professional silver jewels cleaning, ask further information to our Nove25 Stores. Nove25 Silver Duster is absolutly not suitable for jewels with galvanic bath, because they should simply be washed with water and neutral soap along with the help of a non-abrasive sponge and then dried with a soft cotton cloth.

To be very clear, our Silver Duster is an abrasive cloth, therefore it tends to remove the galvanic treatment from the jewels.


We reccomended you to carefully handle your jewels, especially those with precious stones and galvanic bath and in particular, take special care not to let them fall on the floor and not to bumb into hard surfaces, because their delicate structure could be damaged.

Do not wear jewels with precious stones during situations where you could be exposed to rough surfaces, high temperatures, chemical detergents or strong impacts.

To avoid any kind of scratches, jewels with stones should always be replaced separatly from each other.

In addition, we advise you to remove the jewels before doing any kind of physical activity, especially when swimming in the sea or in the pool. You should limits contact with any creams, lotions, perfumes, make-up and cosmetics in general and avoid using Silver polishes and chemical cleaning liquids or any kind of aggressive chemicals detergents (as ammonia, varicin, chlorine and salt water).
Keep your jewels in a protective box or in a closed (velvet) bag to prevent oxidation.


Nove25 replaces any item for free as a defects result, defects and/ or damage verified on the jewel and directly attributable to the production cycle up to 2 years from the purchase original date and only with the relative sales receipt.

The guarantee immediatly lose validity in case of any modifications and/or repairs on the item carried out by unauthorized third parties or laboratories.

Items’ usury due to employment, misuse and oxidation are not covered by nove25 warranty.

The warranty does not provide for any replacement of lost or stolen items.

To assert the guarantee it is always necessary to keep the commercial sales receipt, which is valid as original purchase proof.

The warranty offered on nove25 jewels does not affect your legal rights, but is complementary to them.



Nove25 Customized Jewel will be put into production once Nove25 received customer’s acceptance of a Custom Free Order Proposal, which is always accompanied by the Preview/Render of the jewel to be created and the relative expense budget.

Therefore the jewel is to be consider as "tailor made", for this reason customers must take into account that any kind of customization processing means that the desidered-customized jewel can neither be returned nor replaced with another jewel. The possibility to return a custom free jewel is allowed only in case of verified defects and/or damages directly attributable to the Production Cycle up to 2 years from the original purchase Date; here are cases for which Nove25 will replace the custom free jewel with another equally customized.

The guarantees recognised by law shall remain valid.


The guarantee of jewels that, in front of customer’s request, are subjected to a particular processing (carried out by nove25 technicians and craftsmen) for the realization of surface treatments or enamels coating, establishes relative free repair within 24 months starting from the jewel’s delivery, but only once any client’s misuse are excluded.


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