Nove25 was founded in Milan in 2005, by Roberto & Davide, two brothers with a passion for designing jewellery with an urban spirit, working with sterling silver and putting their skills to the test.  
Their history is built on passion and intuition, driven by the need to create something new and showcase their creativity through sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Nove25 is the answer to a tired, boring, and closed minded market.

It all began in a small store with a workshop that attracted the kids from the neighbourhood, intrigued by this modern jewellers that spoke their language and stood out from the crowd.  
Nove25 is innovative, contemporary and urban 
The boutique is a hub of creativity, cultivating fresh ideas on how to personalize rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants with symbols, letters and semi-precious stones, made to measure for those who discover Nove25.  
Thanks to collaborations with graffiti writers, tattoo artists and underground artists, Nove25’s collections take on unique forms and characters that can be seen and felt on the street. 

With over 10 years experience, Nove25 continues to forge a unique path and help people from every social tribe express themselves. Over the years, word has spread, and now footballers, musicians and bloggers have all become advocates and ambassadors of the brand. Those who come to Nove25 have no limits or definitions, because creativity can fulfill the dreams of everyone. Fedez, Max Pezzali, Club Dogo, Marco Mengoni, Rocco Hunt and other stars from the world of music, sport, radio and TV, all wear styles by Nove25. These pieces contribute to the many that are created in the workshop in Milan, realizing a truly big dream, open to all and continually expanding and evolving.

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