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Cufflinks with stones

Find out our handmade sterling silver cufflinks. They are personalized and custom-made with semiprecious gemstones and coloured semiprecious stones with glossy burnished finishes. Since our creative team does not forget classics it produces 925 silver cufflinks for anyone who wants to give his look a bit retro taste without sacrificing modernity. These sterling silver shirt cufflinks are crafted with100% made in Italy materials according to a mix of traditional techniques and the latest technology. They are embellished by coloured semiprecious stones which light up the classic look and add a touch of elegance to the more urban and transgressive look. Discover our collections of shirt cufflinks with precious stones or craft your own cufflinks. Tell us how you want them and we will create in our boutique. Order online your new silver cufflinks.

Cufflinks with stones 

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