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men's silver rings

Men’s personalized handmade and custom-made sterling silver rings online for sale. They are characterized by symbols such as skulls, animals, initials and engraved Chevalier style letterings. They are artisan crafted in our workshop and always custom-made, designed to satisfy every taste and every need. 925 silver is a metal linked to the moon. It represents the personification of delicacy, femininity and prosperity. According to tradition silver protects from adversity and has a mystical force. For example silver bullets used to kill werewolves or shot toward the sky to foster the arrival of the warm season. Rings to seduce, enchant and underline your uniqueness. Accessories for one day or talismans for lifetime. Be inspired by our collection and start today to create your new identity which is precious and inimitable as silver is. Buy now online your new men's silver ring.

men's silver rings 

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